Ultimate Guide To ALL 3 RDR2 Online Blood Money Opportunities

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Blood Money opportunities is the newest edition of cinematic missions added to Red Dead Online. Each mission places you in a different part of the world where you need to execute a robbery. You select the difficulty and the path. There's 3 missions in total, Covington Emerald, Embers of the East & Il Sovrano.

Ultimate Guide To ALL 3 RDR2 Online Blood Money Opportunities

In this Red Dead Online Guide, I will show you how to go through the Ruthless Opportunities. A ruthless Red Dead Online Blood Money Opportunity is the hardest difficulty you can go through, enemies are 10x's tougher, they deal more damage, they don't show up on the minimap and it's free aim. To finish the mission on ruthless you need a element of stealth, you don't need to be stealthy for the whole mission but it does help. I will run you through all 3 of these Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Missions so that you can successfully start and finish each mission to retrieve the maximum reward. The RDR2 Online Blood Money Opportunities are based on the exact same payout as every other missions in Red Dead 2, the longer it takes to complete, the bigger the reward will be at the end. We have covered this before in previous Red Dead Online Tips videos. All RDO Blood Money Opportunities have been released for this update so the RDR2 Online Tips shared in this video should last for quite a bit of time, until Rockstar Games pushes a new update that is based around Outlaw Activities.

Remember that this is just a Red Dead Online Money guide, so if you're not having fun when going through everything I tell you to go through, then you don't need to do this. You don't need to maximise RDR2 Online Money every time you go through a mission.

The RDR2 Summer Update brought new types of missions to Red Dead Online which will include new criminal activities that players have been asking for since the release in 2018 and now it's finally here. The Red Dead Online Blood Money Update has just been released so there will be a lot more content to be released in the next couple months, leading into Halloween content.

If you want more info on all the latest news for RDR2, including the latest RDO update, then I highly recommend subscribing to the channel. We cover the latest Red Dead Online tips and tricks whilst also providing news on RDR2 updates.

Time codes
00:00 - Intro
01:07 - Covington Emerald Method 1
03:57 - Covington Emerald Method 2
04:59 - Ember of the East
05:42 - Ember of the East (Mine Spawn)
07:33 - Ember of the East (Sheriff Spawn)
09:07 - Ember of the East (Foreman's Office Spawn)
11:27 - Il Sovrano
12:11 - Il Sovrano (Cigarette)
13:35 - Il Sovrano (Outhouse)
15;35 - Il Sovrano (Steal Wagon)

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